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Where Learning Becomes  Fun & Easy. Literally For everyone!       

Your child will never run away from studies. Promise!

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without getting bored 4-6x faster

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Scores upto 40% with just 30 minutes of daily use

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Gift your kid a new experience

Practice what your teacher teach through a fun, engaging & easy with our all-new app for your child. No more boring practice. No more extra-study hours. With just 30 minutes of daily use, improve your child's scores by 40%.


Gift your child the joy of learning. Better practice. Better results.

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Meet Ram

A Class 2 kid

Ram is a brilliant kid & he loves playing mobile games and watching T.V.

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As Ram is growing, his parents are more concerned with his studies.

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He watches more cartoons. Thus, becoming too jumpy when scolded by his parents 

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He easily gets bored when practicing at home, resulting in poor marks & performance in the exams.

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Meet Riya

A Class 4 student

Riya is a studious girl who loves to read books & draw sketches.

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Unlike other kids, she is hard-working but she has to focus on multiple subjects which results in:

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Struggles to practice the concepts she learned previously.


Can't remember what she practiced earlier during the exams.

Her parents can't assess her performance & progress at each step either.

What if we promise you that there's a solution to all the above problems?

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Presenting you 
Resonate Learning App

Kids learning Online

India's most accessible digital games-based learning platform for your children that enables them to study, practice & understand concepts in a way they love, while having fun!

 Ready to Improve your child's marks with Resonate? Let us help you understand us better.

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Learn by playing: 

Research-driven games that enable up to 40% more conceptual understanding with just 30 minutes of daily use.



In-built whiteboard for practice & calculations. Teachers & parents can use the same to help kids in their studies.

Works Offline

Works Offline: 

No matter where you are, the learning will never stop

Smart Robot

Smart recommendation of Learning path based upon the areas where your child needs more improvement

One tap Play

In-app tutorials: 

Helps the child to visualize what they learn

for better conceptual clarity

Sign Language

Optional Sign Language based tutorials: 

Students with hearing disabilities can use it too.

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We are ready to help your child in his studies. Are you?

Get your app now! 

Try our app now:


Because later becomes never and there's no never when it comes to your child's education.


Let us together make the learning fun, easy & interesting!

 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” 

Nelson Mandela

We stand for #EdTechForInclusiveBharat

Know how we are helping the deaf kids too in their studies. 

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